Your Guide to Active Parenting: Effective Listening

It is so hard, yet crucial, to be an ACTIVE parent in your child’s life. It is so important to pay attention and spend time with your children. In order to be able to relate to your kids, it’s important to understand them first. Understand what they are exposed to and how that impacts their life and the decisions they make. Here are a few tips on being an ACTIVE parent.

6 Tips for Effective Listening – For Parents 

Source: “You’re Perfect…And other lies Parents tell.”
Author: Loni Coombs

1. Face your children and maintain eye contact while they are speaking.
2. When they want to talk, be sure you are available.
3. Be aware of your tone and facial expressions.
4. Focus on what your child is saying.
5. Try very hard not to get defensive.
6. Reflect your child’s feelings.


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