Building Self Confidence

1. Maintaining Hope

Sometimes it is hard to just persevere, especially when times get tough. But it is important to realize that bad times do not last forever. The bad times teach you to remain humble, while the good times motivate you to strive to accomplish the next level in the journey. No matter what situation you may be in, it is important to keep moving forward and not be defeated by impatience.

2. Understand Your True Potential

Comparison sucks the joy out of life. Normally, we tend to compare ourselves to others – it is human tendency to want what we do not have. There is no need to compare ourselves to others because we all are different and unique in our own way. We all serve a purpose, which ultimately supports the grand scheme of things. It is so important for us to realize what our true potential is and how we can build on it. If comparison is absolutely necessary then compare yourself to what you were yesterday and celebrate each achievement, however big or small it may be. The past has a way of resurrecting so face your problems in the present. I know, this is easier said than done, but the feeling of over coming something that you have been running away from for a long time is quite an invigorating feeling – one that will motivate you to work harder and boost up that self esteem.

3. Bring Out the Best in You

Having read this heading, two words spring to mind: compassion and persistence. Be compassionate towards your true self. Don’t ever sell yourself short. Realize and acknowledge that you are truly capable of doing all the things you set out to do. Thats the best place to start! Previously, I never really understood the difference between being “The Best” and being “Your Best.” Being “The Best,” in my opinion, forces comparison of not just the talent, but also the person with the talent. Being “Your Best,” however, is more like a journey of constant learning about yourself and your abilities. What are you truly capable of doing with your time, when you are under pressure etc?  You won’t know until you actually do it! And now, persistence. Things aren’t always going to fall exactly into place all the time. And thats completely okay. There is an underlying sense of excitement that comes with speculation; embrace it! There is really no point nit-picking. When an obstacle crosses your path do not worry about it. If by simply worrying about a problem hardship could be eliminated from our lives, the world would be a different place. Instead take action and think rational solutions. You truly begin to bring out the best in yourself when you just keep on keeping on.

4. Embrace ’em Flaws

Self-esteem and body image go hand-in-hand. When one does not particularly like the way they look and is disappointed by it their self-esteem follows in the same direction – in a downward spiral. Understand that no one is perfect. Love yourself regardless because being imperfect is the new perfect! Neither does our personality nor does our body shape and size determine the amount of happiness we obtain, rather it is the attitude in which we live our lives in. So celebrate and enjoy every moment in your life and encourage others to do the same. When you are truly content with who you are and what you have become are you able to radiate that feeling of absolute happiness and compassion on to others.


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