The Great Auckland Bed Race

Back in March this year, King Koil sponsored an event called The Great Auckland Bed Race where a bunch of Auckland based charitable organizations participated in an annual family fun day extravaganza with the added bonus of raising funds for their respective causes/initiatives.

Prior to the day, each organization was to be represented by one (or more) running team(s) consisting of seven people (six runners and one passenger). These individuals were given the responsibility to construct their own ‘racing bed’ in a manner that best resonated with their theme, which could be anything from angels and demons to Thunderbirds.

The day started with a ‘novelty fancy dress parade,’ wherein all participants were to walk approximately 1.5 km showcasing not only their racing bed, but also their snazzy costumes. The parade was led by a marching band.

Post lunch, the real competition began! All the racing teams got themselves and their bed geared up to run a 3 km race course. Much to the amusement of onlookers, the course consisted of unforeseen surprises and obstacles. Cash prizes (provided by the event sponsors) were awarded to the teams that matched the criterias for the different categories.

Here are some pictures from my time at The Great Auckland Bed Race.

These photographs were taken by Chikita Kodikal. If you would like to seek permission to use these photos you can send a message by clicking on the contact Messages to Mumbai tab. Messages to Mumbai logo designed by Vidyut and Chikita Kodikal.

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